~ A Lyrical Poetess

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       •Employing The Mediums of abstract writing and abstract art through expressionism and other inspirational means; The Intent  Is To Thoughtfully Nudge Encouragement Towards Individuals And Their Divine Spirits About The Inherent Wisdom And Knowing Residing Within Each Regarding Truth, Self Corrective Thinking, Metacognition, True Sovereign Spiritual Freedom And True Light.

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      •Regarding Lara Mae Wisner's particular ministry parameters: The scope of ministering being through genuine intentional invocation, e.g., quiet or silent spiritual coaching via meditations, benedictions, supplications, blessings and reflections, either in person or by long distances. A Sort of figurative or a literal hand holding kind of prayer for the Divine Upliftment Of An Individual And Their Spirit.

~This is to address the need for those individuals wanting a statement of faith from Lara Mae Wisner:

      "Lara Mae Wisner holds as her personal belief that there is only One True Divine Creator of All that is and that said Creator is Absolute Goodness. She holds no belief in churches, dogmas, religions, or in any rigid and legalistic ideas, forms, structures, thought systems and so forth.

Each individual is capable of simplicity, being response abled and to choose in their private way how to communicate/connect with the Divine or to choose not to believe in any form of God, as it aligns with respect to each individual's unique being and circumstances.

Every one of us is endowed with abilities to make choices as to who, what and where We Will Place or Not Place Any of our personal beliefs in.....This is Our Personal Will's Sovereign Right, and to be able to do so Without Fear of Being Oppressed, Restricted, Brainwashed, Tyrannized or Persecuted By Any Persons, Systems, and so forth.

She feels it is of great importance for all people to authentically recognize then stand firm and strong in embodying the honest meaning of true freedom, equality, self corrective thinking, tolerance/patience and absolute truth for all.

This statement of faith ought to have gone without stating, but trying times tend to press for specific sorts of information to be said repeatedly, perhaps ad naseum, in Different Ways, with the intent to try and minimize all massive scales of confusion, conditioning, programming and what amounts to varying degrees of insanity.

By all means, those who choose to hold a belief in some form of a higher power, are sovereign in their right to refer to the Divine by any name their hearts desire with respect to the individual and personal life situations." ~Lara Mae Wisner


Labels, titles, certificates, degrees, education, higher educations, lack of any education, and so forth, Are Not Holding And Will Not Hold Lara Mae Wisner Under Any Form Of Domination Or Oppression Where And When It Is Possible, With A Particular Respect Being Given To The Precarious State The World Is Immersed In At Present; However, She is moved to abide by laws of any given land, to honor different cultures, upbringings and the likes, in order to find some kind of half stable platform and its corresponding assortment of distorting tools, with which to launch attempts to clearly communicate and authentically connect with other genuine parts of the Wholly Grand One,  while trying to maintain some small peace of mind with the time allotted sojourning herein on this highly questionable, somewhat significant planet. God Bless America, God Bless The Planet And God Bless All.

Simple Endeavors For True Peace, Truth, Understanding And Wisdom. 

~Lara Mae Wisner

"None Of Lara Mae Wisner's Words Are To Be Taken Out Of Context, Distorted, Misquoted And So Forth. She Tolerates None of the following, but not limited to: Bullying, Gossiping, Blackmailing, And All Other  Harmful Behaviors Directed At Her,  Either From The Past, In The Present Or In Future Times, As Well As In Any Visible Or Invisible Ways. The One True, Divine, Good, Creator Source Of All That Is, Truly Inspires All."~Lara Mae Wisner

The Truth, The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth, So Help Us Truth.

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